Alfred Sessler

Year inducted: 2007

Alfred was another Milwaukee Teachers College graduate, after which he gained an advanced degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He joined the faculty there in 1945, and founded the graphic workshop…establishing a tradition in print making that continues in Madison today. He was a dedicated teacher and prolific painter/printmaker, using a variety of means to achieve overlays of tone and color, both in physical and psychological terms. He became recognized for creating images that were sometimes disturbing, even grotesque, presenting less than beautiful humans in sad human conditions. He was quoted in the Milwaukee Sentinel on May 15th, 1965, “My main interest is in commentary concerning the human life around me.” He continued to work in a movement of social awareness and during drastic changes within the mid twentieth century art culture. In the previously quoted Milwaukee Sentinel article Alfred was said to be “…a man of consistency in a time of change.” With highly developed skills as draftsman and printmaker, his visual expressions focused on subject matter that was unflattering and imperfect. By doing that he displayed his compassion for the human condition, seeking to stir the same compassion in those who viewed his work.

Works by Alfred Sessler