Denis Kitchen

Year inducted: 2012

A rare combination of artist and businessman, Milwaukee native Denis Kitchen, in 1969, wrote, drew and self-published Mom’s Homemade Comics, one of America’s first “underground” comic books.  He simultaneously founded Kitchen Sink Press which, for 30 years, published America’s top cartoonists and pioneered the medium’s evolution to graphic novels. In 1970, Kitchen co-founded the Wisconsin-based underground newspaper The Bugle-American and later the rural-based Fox River Patriot and for both he drew numerous satirical covers and illustrations. In 1986, he founded the non-profit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

While continuing to draw, Kitchen is also a literary and art agent, and has written several award-winning books. In 2010 The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen showcased much of his own art alongside a museum retrospective in New York City.

Works by Denis Kitchen