Gary John Gresl

Year inducted: 2009

Gary John Gresl, best known for his complex 3-D assemblage constructions, creates stories, narratives, and personal reflections using, among other items, animal skulls, darts, antlers, shells, and curio cabinets. In short, anything one might find in a well-stocked antique store is something you might find appropriated in a Gresl sculpture. The stories, myths, and interpretations experienced by the viewer are essential to the dialogue the artist is striving to achieve. While considering 20th Century Art after 1910 as his artistic context, Gary feels a strong affinity with the arts of native peoples, Naives, and outsider art. Beyond studio and gallery settings, Gary has made important contributions to the visual arts in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards is his brainchild, and his dedication in convincing other arts organizations to partner speaks to its success. He has been a pivotal figure in Wisconsin Visual Artists (formerly WP&S), where, as State Board President, he oversaw the development of two additional regional chapters and established the WVA Endowment Fund. He has also chaired its statewide Biennial Exhibition and has served in many other board positions. Gary’s artwork has been in over 150 exhibitions, collected numerous awards in statewide-juried competitions, and earned him a 2008 Mary Nohl Fellowship Award.

Works by Gary John Gresl