Gustave Moeller

Year inducted: 2005

Gustave was born in the small Wisconsin town of New Holstein, but moved to Milwaukee at a young age. In his teens he was an art student apprentice and associated with young artists such as Edward Steichen and others in the Milwaukee Art Students’ League. He worked as a commercial engraver while taking classes at the Chicago Art Institute. He also went to the Academy of Fine Arts in New York, and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, where he was taught by Carl von Marr. He was well known as an important art teacher at the School of Fine and Applied Arts in Milwaukee, which was eventually absorbed by UW-Milwaukee. He was a member of the Milwaukee Men’s Sketch Club, on the Board of Trustees of the Milwaukee Art Institute, the Milwaukee Art Commission and Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors. With his own art production Gustave remained a Wisconsin loyalist in subject matter. The forward to the Memorial Exhibition of his work, written by Alfred Pelikan, states the following: “His influence on local art cannot be overestimated, both as a creative artist and champion of all art and as a teacher... He loved and understood the typical American village and particularly the beauty of his native state which he depicted in such a manner that the most commonplace shack became endowed with qualities only discernible to the trained eye of an artist.”

Works by Gustave Moeller