Henry H. Bennett

Year inducted: 2005

H. H. Bennett is best known for his photographs of the Wisconsin Dells (Kilbourn City) area, where he established his photography studio after serving in the Civil War. Today that studio has been restored and is maintained as a museum by the Wisconsin State Historical Society. Bennett was an artist and entrepreneur who successfully used his particular genius and the qualities of the Dells area to promote an early tourism, revealing the beauty of Wisconsin. It is said his photos brought the Dells to the world, which it did. In his lifetime he exhibited at the Columbian Exposition of 1893 and the Saint Louis Worlds Fair in 1904. He was an inventor, creating useful photographic equipment, including a portrait studio that could be revolved to utilize the position of the sun. This now resides in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. He developed original methods for printing and mounting pictures and improvements for his cameras. His work has appeared in the Museum of Modern Art, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Wisconsin State Historical Society Museum. The West Bend Art Museum has several of his Dells photos, all of which can be admired for their beauty and for the skill of the artist.

Works by Henry H. Bennett