Jane Bradley Pettit

Year inducted: 2008

Jane was the child of Harry Lynde Bradley, creator of the Allen Bradley Company, and by that stroke of fate became heir to millions of dollars. It is a great credit to her name that we primarily know her through her charitable largesse that provided more than 250 million dollars to worthy causes. In a Milwaukee Journal article written in 2001, Jane was noted as a determinedly private person leading a quiet, unostentatious life. She gave to a wide variety of causes in Milwaukee, including the visual and performing arts, and in doing so acknowledged her debt to her father. She said “The things that we have done for the community and for individual people have been done as a result of me being fortunate to have a much loved father . . . I am not able to do anything for him except to use his gift in ways I think he would enjoy.” As an example of her kindness and generosity, there were years when a private letter sent to Jane by a representative of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors resulted in her returning a handsome check drawn on her private account. No fanfare was needed. The Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation exists today, still conducting charitable acts in her name.

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