Layton School of Art

Year inducted: 2010

Founded by Miriam Frink and Charlotte Partridge, the Layton School of Art was the first, and for a long time, Wisconsin’s only school devoted exclusively to the training and development of professional artists. The original two-year program featured courses in design, figure drawing, painting, composition, mechanical drawing and woodworking. By 1925, a three-year diploma-granting program provided accredited teacher training. Many of Wisconsin’s most important teachers and artists of the mid-to-late 20th century (such as Edmund Lewandowski, Emily Groom, Robert von Neumann, Karl Priebe and Gerrit Sinclair) trained at the Layton School of Art. Unfortunately, increasing operating costs and diminishing funds saw the school close in 1974. That year, the Layton School of Art was reconstituted as the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Works by Layton School of Art

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