Norbert Kox

Year inducted: 2012

Norbert Kox has created artwork since childhood, and is now receiving international acclaim for his paintings, sculptures and photography. He has painted in oils since 1963 and acrylic with oil since 1975. He has developed his own techniques of translucent acrylic glazing to produce the same intensely glowing effects and illusionary dimensional space that he achieves with oils.

Kox’s work has been exhibited internationally and has been reproduced and written about extensively in major international art magazines and books.  His work has appeared in many exhibits at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland since its inception in 1995. He has been painting and exhibiting in Bimini, Bahamas every year since 1999, and was recognized by the Bahamian Government in 2009, when the Ministry of Tourism presented him with an official Certificate of Appreciation "In recognition of his invaluable contribution to the promotion of Bimini through Artistic Expressions." In 2010 he was recruited by British film maker Jan Bednarz to play the part of Ernest Hemingway (whom he resembles) in a short film titled "The End of the World." The film was narrated by Bimini's famous historian Ashley B. Saunders, and it documented Hemingway's ventures on the Island. It was part of the Bahamas 14 Island Film Challenge, sponsored by Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism, Canon, and British Air.

In 2000, he appeared with his paintings in an extensive interview, in The Two Witnesses documentary (a segment of the controversial series Disinformation The Interviews) which aired on BBC Television. Norbert Kox was named as one of "North Eastern Wisconsin's 100 most interesting people of the 20th Century," in the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Special Millennium Edition-Our Past, December 31, 1999. "He expresses his transformation and religious beliefs in his artwork, which is renowned internationally but created more than its share of controversy when exhibited at the Neville Public Museum in summer 1999."

Works by Norbert Kox