Peg Bradley

Year inducted: 2008

Peg Bradley’s name is inseparable from the Milwaukee Art Museum as her 1970 donation of her personal 600 piece collection of fine art to the Milwaukee Art Center can be regarded as the major impetus for the Museum being catapulted on to the world stage as a world class institution. Her taste for fresh color and bold execution led her to purchase works by such masters as Utrillo, Matisse, Picasso, Fauves and Cubists, as well as other early to mid 20th century progressive masters. Her collection served as the foundation from which the museum could build as it acquired additional examples to flesh out the art history of 20th Century. In addition to this generosity, Peg saw to it that the Allen-Bradley Foundation provided one million dollars to help create a new wing to house not only her collection, but to provide additional space for exhibits, an educational center, a theater and a small restaurant. With the Bradley collection still at the museum’s core, Peg and her generosity have remained an omnipresent inspiration and spirit.

Works by Peg Bradley

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