Santos Zingale

Year inducted: 2006

Santos studied at the Milwaukee State Teacher’s College, now known as University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, gaining his Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison. He taughtin Madison for three decades, retiring in 1978. Santos was part of the Federal Government’s Arts and Design Projects, working during WWll as an artist in the U.S. Navy, where it is said he was one of the most active and productive artists from the Wisconsin group. Earlier in his career he was a political activist, using his skills as artist to record social and political injustice, the affects of the Depression and the war with Hitler and Tojo. His subjects also included the disappearing architecture of cities he knew, an urban realism in paintings that were distinctive by his skillful use of color and contrasts of light and dark. His visits to Europe and the American Southwest also provided subjects for his work. The Milwaukee Journal art critic, James Auer, had this to say in an article from December, 1999. “Zingale…a Milwaukee lad…made his mark as a social chronicler, political activist and mentor to countless University of Wisconsin – Madison art students…” And Gibson Byrd, Professor at UW Madison, said this in notes for a Zingale retrospective: “The paintings project an originality and integrity of vision that leaves the viewer richer for having experienced them.”

Works by Santos Zingale