The Museum of Wisconsin Art, (Formerly the West Bend Art Museum)

Year inducted: 2006

The West Bend Art Museum (now Museum of Wisconsin Art) opened its doors to the public in 1961, with a mission of preserving and exhibiting the art of Wisconsin’s Carl Von Marr. It began under the Co-Directorship of its founders, Joan and Billa Pick. The first paid Executive Director, Edward Kocher, was followed in 1982 by Tom Lidtke, who still guides the museum today. The collections and goals of the Museum expanded gradually since its inception, witnessed by increasing exhibits of historical and contemporary art, most of it by Wisconsin artists. Complementing the museum’s dedication to the work of Carl Von Marr, the recognition of the importance of other Wisconsin artists broadened the focus of the permanent collections and an archive of information about artists from Wisconsin was expanded to over 3,500. These files include information about the earliest itinerant artists moving thru the state to the Modernists of the mid 20th century. The following summation of activities distinguishes the West Bend Art Museum from all others: (a) Exhibition and preservation of the Von Marr collection, (b) Collecting and exhibiting an expanding permanent collection of historical Wisconsin art, (c) Exhibition of significant art from outside Wisconsin, (d) Ongoing changing exhibitions of contemporary living Wisconsin artists, (e) Publication and dissemination of literature related to Wisconsin art, (f) Education and enrichment of the public to the value of all visual art in our society, (g) Participating in national exhibitions by loaning Wisconsin art to other institutions. This museum is clearly the leader in the study of our regional art, and a treasure deserving of increasing recognition and influence.

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