Tom Lidtke

Year inducted: 2006

Tom has spent his entire adult life working in the visual art field. During that time, Tom has been museum director, curator, educator, author, lecturer, sculptor, and an arts activist who has championed the historical and contemporary visual art produced in the State of Wisconsin and by Wisconsin expatriots. His encouragement of, and dedication to, the art from this region has lifted the West Bend Art Museum into prominence as “The Museum for Wisconsin Art”. Working as Executive Director there since 1982, Tom dedicated these years to developing the goals and collections of that museum, striving unwaveringly to bring the wealth and quality of art produced in Wisconsin to the attention of regional and national audiences. Tom has worked with other museums and professionals from around the United States and the world to raise regional art out of a perceived status of mere provincialism. He has striven to elevate the qualities and reputation of regional art to a deserved level of importance, unique and vital to our culture and heritage. He has served on numerous governing boards and as advisor to countless people and professional institutions. Tom developed the first accredited college class about the history of Wisconsin Art, and was a Co-Founder of the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards. He has touched many lives and served as role model and friend to many who have been involved in the goal of bettering our visual arts environment.

Works by Tom Lidtke