Tom Uttech

Year inducted: 2006

Words used to describe the paintings of Tom Uttech include spellbinding and mystical. While becoming nationally noted for his unique imagery of wild Northern forests and enigmatic wildlife, it was with the impressive exhibit of his work at the Milwaukee Art Museum titled “Magnetic North” in 2004 that his reputation as a master painter was forever solidified in his home state. Paintings in that exhibit arrived from public and private collections across the nation. Tom was born in Northern Wisconsin, an environment that would eventually play a role in his mature work. He studied at the Layton School of Art and continued to seek his own meaningful expression during the Post Modernist climate of the 60’s and 70’s. While teaching at UW Milwaukee he was compelled to retreat from the atmosphere and pressures of the contemporary art culture and visited the natural setting of Canada’s Quetico Provincial Park. It was this reuniting with the qualities of the untamed and primeval that inspired him on the unique course which was to produce the great body of his work with its signature Aurora Borealis, gazing wildlife and mystical white stags. Tom’s deep understanding, respect and concern for Nature and the Wild, with our Human affect upon it all, are manifest in his paintings.

Works by Tom Uttech